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Game 68- Royals 7, Astros 1 (25-43)

The Royals salvaged a game against the Astros today thanks to Runelyvs Hernandez and Emil Brown. All told the Astros managed only two hits on the day. Of course, a day isn't complete without DeJesus getting caught stealing or picked off, and the big Father's Day crowd was not disapointed in that regard.

I wonder if the previous two losses to the Astros effected the size of the crowd, or if there was simply not much interest in a fairly dull matchup. Ohh well, 20,000 isn't terrible I guess.

How amusing is this quote, from our beloved Runelvys, after the game?

``This is like old school, the Runelvys Hernandez of 2003,'' Hernandez said. ``Everything is together. I feel excited about my last four outings. I'm getting better and better, but I'm not as strong yet as before the surgery.''
Umm... in 2003 Runelyvs went 7-5 in 16 games, and posted a 4.61 ERA in 91.2 innings. Run's K-rate was solidly middling at 4.7, as was his WHIP of 1.35. So, basically, he wasn't anything special; but to hear his quote it sounds like "Runelvys Hernandez, 2003" is right up there with Greg Maddox 1996 and Roger Clemens 1986. Finally, in picking up win #25 the Royals have a 2 game lead on Tampa Bay in the Worst Team Standings.