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Sweeeeeeep: Game 53- Royals 5, Yankees 2 (16-37)

Wow. This isn't a vintage Yankee team -- not by any stretch of the imagination actually -- but that was pretty f'ing cool. The Royals pitching staff, which has been one of the worst in the league (duh) held the Yankees to a mere six runs over the series, which is fairly remarkable. The offense wasn't great, but for the first time all season essentially, the Royals got big extra-base hits, which allowed the team to actually score runs.

Tonight, the Royals managed three doubles and two home runs, which fueled all 5 runs. The Yankees, on the other hand, got only a Sheffield double and a few singles to speak of. Sadly, despite the ROyals performing at just about their highest level, the Yankees still had a chance to tie the game in the 9th, but the mighty Yankees were left with only 55 year old Ruben Sierra to defend them.

Ruben was robbed in 1989 by the way. He shoulda won the MVP. No question about it.

With the winning streak, the Royals are back above .300 for the first time since the end of the Devil Rays series. We're still dancing with the 2003 Tigers, but things are looking irrationally better each day.