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Game 69 Open Thread- Royals (25-43) at White Sox (46-22)

Its still hard to imagine that the White Sox are 46-22, but at some point I guess it becomes true. Being a blighted franchise, featuring an overlooked, forgotten fan-base, I have no doubt that the White Sox will end up losing the division to the Twins by season's end. Think about it, how many "White Sox Curse" stories have you ever heard? Umm... about 1/10th as many Red Sox ones and probably 1/10th as Cubs ones, right? Exactly, year for year the Sox have been just as sorry as their media darling brethern, but thankfully their fans have avoided the self-important route, and instead chosen the self-hatred one.

Tonight, at the appropriately nicknamed "The Cell", its Lima Time (1-5, 7.38 ERA) against Brandon McCarthy (0-1, 6.97 ERA). The White Sox should have no problem with our pesky Royals, especially now that they've got OBP-Machine Frank Thomas back in the lineup... We'll see if Buddy has any magic left...

Speaking of Chicago, sorry, but it's self-evident... Who could ever forget the surreal events of Friday, September 20, 2002.