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Game 69- White Sox 11, Royals 8 (25-44)

Ho hum, another loss for the Royals, another victory for the White Sox. Because of this team's fluky good pitching, medicore lineup and stellar defense, we'll be punished with an October and an off-season celebrating the virtues of "small-ball", which of course will be mixed in with numerous slights against "Billy Beane's book, Moneyball[sic]".

Reality notwithstanding, as has been pointed out, the White Sox are actually scoring a higher percentage of runs via home run this season than last; but who ever let the facts get in the way of a pre-determined narrative?? All hail Scooter Podsednik!!

The continued strength of the Sox was on display tonight, as Paulie, Thomas and (former Royal) Jermaine Dye hit the outfield seats against an overwhelmed Royals pitching staff.

LimaTime's 4.0IP effort yielded 10H, 7ER and another 2 homers, leaving his season ERA safely in the stratosphere range (7.82). In truth, no one was much better for the Royals, despite the heroic reaaperance of Jimmy Gobble from exile. Fielders across the Midwest are now preparing to see increased balls in play.

Offensively, since the Royals were busy allowing runs, the lineup felt comfortable having a nice night, pounding out 4 singles, 4 doubles and two home runs. Tony Graffinino's now batting .325, insuring his employment till 2010, and is approaching vague productivity for our Royals. Finally, thanks to a 1-5 night Berroa is now sporting a .249/.293/.363 line. Thank God, we're giving him 5 ABs a night in the leadoff spot!!!

Wake up Buddy, wake up.