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Game 70- Royals (25-44) at White Sox (47-22)

Maybe Greinke's comeback starts tonight, you never know. Greinke's season line (1-7, 5.97 ERA) is starting to look bad, but since the Royals refuse to have a functional (or instructional) minor league system, he's up with the big club to stay. What, we can't let him make a few starts down in Omaha to iron things out?

Against Greinke its White Sox Cinderella story candidate Jon Garland (11-2, 3.61 ERA) and his ever-hot, ever-scrappy/smart/fundamental/lucky teammates. Should be a 3-2 loss most definetly.

Lastly, if Brian Anderson can have a blog does that mean I can pitch for the Royals? And don't forget to check out the game preview and analysis from my AL Central compadre at South Side Sox.