College World Series

For many of you who have been looking to get a sneak peak at our first round draft pick, you may have been watching the college World Series.  Aside from the "ping", college baseball is actually a little more interesting to watch than the major leauges.

Point number one: ESPN's Coverage

ESPN does a great job with the commentary and most importatnly the camera angles.  Instead of showing the standard cockeyed view of the mound and plate, the angle is dead on straight which allows one to see the movement on the balls.  I know the major's tried this once (which I loved) but abandoned it after a half a season.  ESPN uses Reynolds instead of Berman as a commentator, which is great because I have been sick of "back back back" for the past 15 years.  (Its funny how a guy can make a living on a catch phrase that is over 20 years old)  And ESPN also shows many very pretty college girls in the stands, which is nice.  

Point number two: No one collects a paycheck

The beauty of college ball is that the guys who play are playing because they love the game, not to just collect a paycheck.  They play the game like is supposed to be played, with effort.  There is no free agency in college, no signing a big contract to go to New York, no endorsement deals to distract the players, in essence one is less likely to see a prima donna.  They actually run down the first base line on a routine play rather than giving up at the plate.  They don't sit and admire their homeruns, they actually get excited about a good hit.  There is more passion in the college game than in the major's.

Point number three: Small ball

Even though they get to swing metal bats, they do not lose sight of the idea of sacrificing.  I actually saw a clean up hitter put down a bunt this afternoon.  When was the last time you saw the american leauge put down a bunt in order to get runners into scoring position?  The college game is not "swing away all the time", they actually try to produce runs instead of getting a lucky hit.

Point number four: Intelligent fans

Fans of the college game understand the importance of a sac bunt, sac fly, or hit and run.  They are well versed in the intricities of the game, and appreciate team ball vs. individual ball.  They wear rally caps when appropriate.  They actually make a little noise during the game.  They actually seem to care about the school and the outcome of the game.  You may still see the standard idiot waving his hands talkin on a cell phone, but not as often.  They are actually watching the game.  What a concept.

I would not go so far as to say that MLB has gone the way of the NBA in terms of how boring the game is to watch as opposed to the college game.  But, it is getting close to that point.  If the major networks showed college baseball like they show college basketball, this may happen.  I am getting sick of baseball games that seem to be more of a hassle to the players than a competition.  I am getting sick of American leauge big ball.  I am getting sick of fans who know nothing about the intricities of the game.  I am getting sick of the slow death thet the majors are administering to the game of baseball.   The sad thing is that college players turn into major leaugers, and destroy the beauty of the game that they saved in college.  Whatever.

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