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Game 72 Open Thread- Royals (25-46) at Rockies (22-48)

Two of the worst teams in baseball square off tonight in Denver, as the return of Buddy Bell is occasioned as a battle of really bad teams. Connection? I'll leave that to a higher judge. Royals-Rockies, baby! Western Kansas must be abuzz with water-cooler disagreements! Ohh to be a fly on the wall in Liberal tonight!

The pitching matchup features Royals Ace D.J. Carrasco (2-2, 4.36 ERA) versus B.H. Kim (1-6, 6.65 ERA). The Royals have lost 5 out of 6, and need to rebound in this series against the hapless Rockies. We'll see if that actually happens.

Really excited to watch D.J. pitch tonight, he's been a pleasent surprise this year.