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Game 72- Rockies 12, Royals 4 (25-47)

It's 602 miles from Denver to Kansas City, and way out between the two cities is tiny Gove, Kansas, 282 miles to Denver, 320 miles to KC(see below). It's rugged, open land out there, Monument and Cattle country and I wonder if anyone in Hays, Gove or Oakley cared about this game tonight? I wonder if anyone out in Gove has any conflicted loyalties? Its kinda strange to think about, when you actually think about it. Maybe for Broncos-Chiefs?

We get so much faux-rivalry bitterness between KC and the STL all the time, but what about Denver-KC? Well, obviously, Denver wins in pretty much every category, right?

They won tonight in baseball at least, as the Rockies trounced the Royals, ruining the friday night of maybe, 10-15 people back in KC... perhaps less. As noted in comments in the game thread, D.J. didn't have it tonight, throwing up a terrible 3.1 IP: 7H, 8R, 5BB, 1HR line against a pretty bad Rockies team. By the way, was anyone else shocked by Jimmy Gobble's 4 strikeout performance in 1.1 innings? Granted, he did actually face 7 guys, but still, it normally takes the Turkey Man (gotta spread that nickname) about two starts in Omaha to get 4 Ks.

With the bats, our Royals pounded out 8 singles, a double and drew 2 walks; not exactly a recipe for success at Coors. Ohh well, I'm sure Buddy has something planned for this weekend. He better, we've got fans to win in Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado!!

Royals-Rockies: This Means War