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Game 75 Open Thread- Royals (25-49) at Twins (40-33)

Every season seems to go the same way: the Twins play blah baseball for three months, suffer a few needlesome injuries, bait a few fights with other teams and hit the All-Star break in second place. Then, inevitably, they'll go 20-7 in August, secure first place, and spend the last month of the season setting up their rotation and getting ready to lose to the Yankees in 4. Plus ca change...

Tonight, the Twins likely start another big push towards first place, with the opening of a three game series against the Royals. On the mound its the suddenly-struggling Zach/k Gri/enke (never remember how to spell it) (1-8, 6.14 ERA) against Joe Mays (3-3, 4.22 ERA).

Needless to say, Zach/k needs a good start, as we'd all like to see that June ERA get back under 15.00 for the month, and theres always the faint matter of the team winning 55-60 games somehow. I'm sure all true Royals fans expect one of two outcomes: a 3-2 loss or a 10-3 one. In fact, I don't think the Royals score 6 runs total over the entire series...

The fun starts tonight.