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Strolling Through the Pitching Stats

Last season the Royals featured one of the most toothless pitching staffs in recent history, striking out only 887 batters. The next worst team, the Devil Rays, managed 36 more strikeouts, and the Royals finished an amazing 459 strikeouts behind the Cubs. This season, the Royals pitching staff has improved a bit (getting rid of Jimmy Gobble and his consistent k-rate in the 2.00s will do that), approaching something like medicority in most categories. Basically, the Royals pitching isn't much worse than the Yankees this season. Especially encouraging is the lack of homers allowed, and thats with Lima-Time's twice weekly fireworks show...

WHIP- 1.46 (25th)
K/BB- 1.64 (25th)
K/9IP- 6.02 (19th)
ERA- 5.44 (28th)

HR- 55 (11th)
BAA- .269 (21st)
SLG- .430 (22nd)

SV%- 44% (29th)
P/GS- 89 (28th)

ERA 1-6th Inning- 5.80 (29th)
ERA 7- Inning- 4.62 (21st)