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Off-Day: Pro-Lee Wailing, Satan-Fueled Success and the Rise of D.J. Carrasco

Does anyone else feel like this fake Pujols-Lee controversy regarding the All-Star voting is a little tired? Don't we run through this hoop every year, happily adding more fuel to the fire? Personally, I'm an Albert man, and would happily take an absolutely superlative career over Lee's three months of a hot streak. Ohh well, anything to make the self-important Cub's Fandom happy (or sad, as it were, which is their preferred emotion).

Hey, our Royals won a baseball game yesterday afternoon, playing spoiler to the pesky Twins at the Metrodome, all while the White Sox continued their Satan-fueled Year of Destiny, winning back-to-back one-run games against the Tigers.

D.J. Carrasco is now the "Royals' Ace" as far as I'm concerned, going 6.2IP, allowing just 5Hs, 3BB and throwing in 5Ks for good measure. D.J's now sporting a 3.23 ERA on the season thanks to a low homer total (2) and solid control (21 walks in 49IP). Basically, he's become the good version of whatever we all thought we saw in Brian Anderson, D.A.R.Y.L. May and Greinke. Being a Royal, theres a noticeable lack of strikeouts (22) which raises the possiblity of implosion. I'm convinced the Royals are employing some kind of suicidal "pitch to contact" strategy of sorts, all while featuring a below-average defense and a spacious outfield that supresses homers and produces singles and doubles.

But ohh what a glorious win last yesterday. Win #26 was a long time coming. The Royals host the Angels this weekend, in another series which will test the mettle of the team's supposed return to respectability under Bell. Friday night also features the return of onetime Royals Hero Paul Byrd... should be an incredibly emotional night for everyone involved.

"My name is D.J., but you can just call me Ace."