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Game 54- Royals 2, Rangers 1 (17-37)

Its pretty amazing that the Royals could allow only one run to Texas tonight, since the Rangers had men on throughout the game... but 7 strikeouts and a few key double-plays will do that for you, especially when you don't allow an extra-base hit.

Runelvys had one of his better starts of the season, and Bell showed good judgment in taking him out after 6 innings. Elvis had tired pretty quickly this season, and you had the feeling that the Rangers were going to go double-double-homer at some point against him... but it just never happened. Once again, Sisco and Mac combined for a scoreless 2.1 innings, which is simply not what Royals fans have come to expect. Beyond a meaningless homer to Bernie Williams, Mac's been perfect for 5 innings under the Bell watch, and combined with a working Sisco and Burgos, the Royals maintain the illusion of having a young, talented bullpen.

Its nice when things work.

Not that the offense has been great shakes. Matt Stairs is quickly catching up to Sweeney, and remains the teams only real on-base threat. Pox on Angel Berroa, who continues to be an out-machine at the top of the lineup. But hey, he's better than Womack.