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Game 57- Royals (17-39) at Giants (24-31)

DJ Carrasco (1-1 3.04 ERA) takes on Kirk "Woody" Rueter (2-3 4.27 ERA) at beautiful [Insert Corporate Name Here] Park/Field/Ballpark in "The City". Our beloved Royals are riding high under Buddy Bell, or so it would seem, posting a 4-2 mark under the new skipper... Then again, Texas scored approximately 55 runs in the last two games of the weekend series, so its hard to tell which way the team is headed.

DJ's been one of the best Royals pitchers this season, probably trailing only the incomparable Greinke for ineffectiveness... Still, its hard to like the Royals in this matchup, no matter how non-good the Giants are this season. The Royals haven't been a good road team for about a decade, saving the miraculous 2003 season, when the team amazingly went 43-39 on the road.

I'll be counting Super Joe McEwing plate appearances with baited breath, as I'm sure the game will feature the now inevitable "Teahen/McEwing" pinch hitting move in the 9th inning, completely irregardless of the actual game situation.

In Buddy we trust, well, no, not really.

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