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Game 57- Royals 8, Giants 1 (18-39)

Thanks to another strong start from DJ Carrasco, the Royals are inching closer to respectability. Using a singles and triples based attack, the Royals managed to score 8 runs in a road game, which is something near impossible. Its incredible to think that this team managed 8 runs in San Fran, with the pitcher batting, but it somehow happened.

Berroa and T-Short managed three hits, with Emil and Graffy chiping in with two each... Even Teahen managed a hit, and for his hard work, he was allowed to finish the game!!

Carrasco's now got over 30 innings under his belt, and sports a ERA of 2.48, so at some point he needs to be taken seriously as sorta good. Being a Royal, he doesn't really strike people out, but against a hacktastic Giants team, with a few solid bounces, he's an effective pitcher. Nay, a very good pitcher. Basically, he out Rueter'ed Rueter, who crossed into terribleness by allowing multiple extra-base hits. The whole "crafty pitching to contact" thing doesn't really work when that happens.

The Royals are now 5-2 under Buddy Bell, who clearly is a true leader of men. Look out Tigers and Indians baby!