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Game 78 Open Thread- Angels (47-31) at Royals (26-51)

Tonight marks the return of Paul Byrd (7-5, 3.87 ERA) to Kansas City as the Angels face Runelvys Hernandez (5-8, 4.64 ERA) and the slumping Royals. In 2002 Byrd went 17-11 with a 3.90 ERA for a terrible Royals team that inspired nothing but frustration across the Middle West. Byrd later signed with Atlanta, spent much time on the shelf, and has since returned to generic league average form. Byrd might be what Zach/k Gre/inke becomes if Greinke never fully takes off as a pitcher, which isn't exactly a bad thing, just not a terrifically great one. I'm sure thousands will be thrilled by the outcome of tonight's game regardless.