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Game 87 Open Thread- Twins (47-38) at Royals (30-56)

Looking for a series victory against hated Minnesota, the Royals send D.J. Carrasco (4-3, 3.69 ERA) to the hill against Carlos Silva (7-3, 3.68 ERA), another decent mid-rotation staff filler employed in the Twin Cities.

After a nice weekend, Angel Berroa's season line now sits at .262/.301/.362, still not good, but not quite as terrible as it had been. (Just trying to be positive towards AB after two months of ripping his play.)

Can the Royals possibly take 3 of 4 against Minnesota, rekindling memories of their 11-8 record against the Twins in 2003? We'll see this afternoon, as I'm sure daily life in the Midwest will come to a complete stop awaiting the outcome.