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Two Worth Reading

Hope everyone is enjoying the day off. Its a time to catch our breaths collectively before another two months of losing begins. Nevertheless, there are two pieces (at least) worth reading out there in the Royals blogosphere tonight.

First, Rob and Rany weigh-in on the Sweeney controversy from last weekend's game. Conclusion, yea, he was dogging it a tad, but its really not the end of the world. Just another minor indignity in a season of failure, although its hard to imagine just how slow Mike was running, as getting thrown out WITH A RELAY throw is fairly hard.

Second, for an excellent post-mortem on the Royals' first-half managerial inferno of pain, check out the grades dolled-out by the guys at Warning Track Power. In sum, Buddy gets a D, Scheafer gets a D, and Pena gets an F-.