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Game 88- Royals 12, Tigers 9 (31-57)

Just another happy day in paradise as the Royals rolled over the evil Tigers tonight 12-9 at Comerica. Responding to a month of negativity from the Royals' blogosphere, Zach Greinke rebounded and responded with his first adequate start since June 16th against the Dodgers, allowing 2ER in 5.1 IP. Of course, a skeptic might point to the three walks and mere two strikeouts and conclude that Comerica was a nice place for a flyball pitcher to hide his warts...(Actually, Greinke was 6-6 in ground ball/fly ball ratio...) Either way, we'll take it. Plus, after a solid post-Bell-bump slide, the Royals are back to playing .450 ball, which, more or less, is good.

Amazingly, the offense did lots of good things tonight, including a barrage of doubles, triples and homers, hitting both Jeremy Bonderman and the Tigers pen hard. This is a bigger series for the Tigers than it is for the Royals, and as was the reversed case in 2003, if the Tigers are to have any shot at relevance, they'll need to make the lives of the Royals and Devil Rays miserable.

That wasn't the case tonight.

Further, in the interest of fairness and integrity, we would be loath to omit the continued success of Royals Review Whipping Boy Angel Berroa. Berroa legged out his bi-monthly triple, prompting numerous references across Michigan and Missouri to "the most exciting play in baseball" and evoking long-forgotten memories of Whitey-ball, Willie Wilson, and, for the WGN-survivors from the mid 1990s, the immortal Lance Johnson, aka "One Dog".

Happiness and joy all around, as its pretty fun to be a fan when the team wins.

In other news, Mary Komperda, currently at Notre Dame law school, is the most beautiful woman on earth.