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Game 89 Open Thread- Royals (31-57) at Tigers (42-45)

Hoping to finish off the ambitions of the 2005 Detroit Tigers, the Royals look for a second straight win tonight in Michigan. For the Royals, its Ace Starter D.J. Carrasco (4-3, 3.57 ERA) against Sean Douglass (2-0, 2.65 ERA). Douglass is on his third big-league club, bouncing from Baltimore to Toronto to Detroit since 2001. In 137 career innings, his lifetime ERA is 6.03, so it looks like that 2.65 needs to come up a bit.

Knowing our Royals, maybe his luck will continue.

Despite a miniscule K-Rate, D.J. Carrasco has had extended success on the mound in 2005, thanks in large part to solid command (23 walks in 68 IP) and decent non-homerness (3 HR allowed). As with Greinke, Comerica should be a nice part for him... We'll see.