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Game 92- Indians 6, Royals 2 (32-60)

We'd come to put alot of faith into D.J. Carrasco, and tonight his low strikeout-rates caught up to him. In 2.1 IP, D.J. allowed 8 hits, walked one, and of course struck out zero en route to 5 ER. Still, despite getting shelled, D.J.'s season ERA sits at 4.09, which looks like paradise compared to the fortunes of most of the Royals' staff.

And to think, the game looked so promising at the onset, with DeJesus beginning the game with his 7th homer. Despite a slow-start, DeJesus' now looks like a promising, even wonderful young player to build around. Wondering aloud, how much would the Yankees love to have David DeJesus right now? Especially seeing as how Bernie Williams, can't hit, can't throw, and as of tonight, can no longer catch pop flies.

Probably, one should feel miffed that the game was called early, but given the relative failure of the Royals on a daily basis, the fact that the Indians had the bases loaded, and that the Royals were already well into The Gobble Zone...its hard to really feel wronged. Instead, its a much needed win for the Indians, and another meaningless loss for the Royals. I'm sure Buddy Bell had an emotional greeting or two before the game, not that it matters to me.