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Game 79- Angels 5, Royals 3 (26-53)

The losses continue after a 5-3 defeat at the hands of the Angels on Saturday evening. Berroa continues to produce outs (unproductively, I might add) in front of the lineup's few semi-power sources. For the old-school stats guys, we should note that AB is now hitting .236. This guy, at best, is a #6 hitter for a bad team, and a 7 or 8 guy in a good lineup. Lineup position isn't the end all be all, but Berroa's foul out in the 8th effectively ended the game for our Royals... not that anyone noticed or cared upstairs. End the insanity Buddy!

More positively, despite taking the loss Lima-Time had one of his more not terribly horrible outings, scattering 10 hits over 6 innings and allowing only 3 ERs. It helps when you don't give up any homers, and manage to keep the walks down (1) in preventing monster-innings. Today, at least, Lima could do that.

Beyond that, it was a fairly blah game, despite some Royal fireworks in the 8th inning, when the game was essentially over. Leo Nunez allowed a run for what seems like about the 20th straight game, which kinda sucked, but I've pretty much given hope on Buddy becoming un-fascinated with the kid.

Ohh well, as Phil Collins once said, just another day for you and me in paradise. Happy 4th Royals fans, and lets hope for happier summers to come.