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Game 94- Royals 5, Indians 3 (34-60)

Hello Donnie Murphy & Chip Ambres! Combined the two went 4-8, with a double, a homer, 2 RsBI and (not so good) a GIDP. In short, we'll take it. Ambres made his career debut tonight, while Murphy's a seasoned vet of 7 games. Lest we stray too far into the positive, Joe McEwing went ground out, single, ground out, ground out; so, thank God we had him in the lineup.

And did you hear about LimaTime? Lima went 6.0 IP, struck out 3, allowed 6 singles, 2 doubles and a walk, en route to lowering his ERA to 6.92. Hell, what team wouldn't want this guy? Weirder still, the bullpen continued its good work, getting outs, the occasional strikeout and eating innings. Incredibly, Mike MacDougal's season ERA is now 3.48, to go along with Affeldt's 2.76 ERA... is this bizarro world? Can we possibly win 3 of 4 tomorrow against the Tribe? We'll see tomorrow.