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Game 95- Indians 10, Royals 1 (34-61)

Howell's ERA just couldn't stay under 7 could it? Thanks to allowing 4ER in 6.0IP, Howell's back at 7.68, after a nice start to the game had him crouching towards respectability. In un-Royals fashion, Howell started the game getting the occassional strike-out; but he ended up giving up Home Runs and hits. Final score: 10-1 Cleveland.

The offense reverted back to a lack of functionality, with a caught-stealing, a double-play and the requisite inability to draw walks. T-Long had a fair game I guess, going 3-3 with three singles. Maybe a fairy will fall out of the sky and the Yankees will make an offer for him. Or not...

Does Chris Kahrl of Baseball Prospectus read Royals Review? Heres his opening to his analysis of the Graffy trade:

As packages for dumps go, getting Cedeno and Ambres for Graffanino wasn't all bad. Yes, it does only leave the Royals with Super Joe McEwing as their utility infielder, but when you're one of the worst teams in baseball, that isn't the sort of detail you should lose sleep over.
I love seeing Super Joe getting ironically thrown around, although, admittedly, I didn't coin the name.

The Royals are now 15-34 on the road, and 12-28 in the AL Central. I'm sure it was emotional for "My Buddy" Bell to leave Cleveland this way. Ohh well, he can just go back to getting paid, messing up the lineup card and not offering any answers.