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Game 98 Open Thread- Jays (49-48) at Royals (35-62)

The Royals seek another elusive series win this afternoon against the (Blue) Jays at the K, as Ted Lilly (8-9, 5.38 ERA) takes on The People's Champion, and Royals Ace, D.J. Carrasco (4-4, 4.09 ERA).

On the season, the Royals are slowly improving at home, sitting on a 20-28 record at the K, while the Jays have managed a 23-28 road record. And by the way, does anyone else get Ted Lilly and Cory Lidle confused all the time? Haven't those guys had the same careers?

Worst Team Standings Update

Tampa Bay- 34 Wins

Colorado- 34 Wins

Kansas City- 35 Wins