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Game 101 Open Thread- White Sox (64-34) at Royals (37-63)

Live from Oxford Mississippi...

On the heels of an improbable first victory of the season against the White Sox, the Royals look to soar even higher with an even more unlikely series victory over the Sox this afternoon at the K. The Royals send the currently suspended, currently appealing Runelvys Hernandez (8-9, 4.34 ERA) to the mound against Jon Garland (15-4, 3.19 ERA) in front of what promises to be a dismally small crowd.

Of course, last night saw the Royals cruise to a surprising 7-1 victory as LimaTime bested Mark Buerle in what was just an overall very strange game, highlighted by the White Sox giving the Royals two errors in the key 6 run 6th.

For what its worth, Jose Lima is now 4-2, with a 4.01 ERA in July.