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Game 101- Royals 6, White Sox 5 (38-63)

So what happens when Chicago's protest gets upheld and the Buddy-man notches career lineup card snafu #3 under his belt? Will we continue to look the other way and believe for some unknown reason that Buddy is the right man for the job?

There's actually no reason to believe that the game result will be overturned, something that simply doesn't happen anymore, although Bell could be handed down some kind of strange quasi-punitive fine for just being a fool. Regardless, its a strange endnote to an otherwise thrilling series, in which our Royals stormed back to take two of three from the Luck Sox and play, if ever so briefly, something resembling a "spoiler".

You know what I really like about this game? The fact that every Royal pitcher completed an entire inning and that each recorded a strikeout. Considering the staff and the game circumstances, thats pretty dang neat. In fact, the bullpen continues to be a real, live, legitimate asset to this team, as evidenced again today by a combined performance of 7.0IP, 3Hs, 2BBs, 6Ks and 0 runs. What makes the possible Shawn Camp controversy so delectable however, is the fact that, the kid did end up closing the game, in the 13th, when its possible that the Ozzero could have been considering some managerial machinations based on who he thought the Royals had left to pitch.

Still, the larger response is, and probably should be, "scoreboard", and the White Sox have no one to blame but themselves for what amounts to a disastrous 3 games in Kansas City.