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Game 102- Devil Rays 10, Royals 5 (38-62)

The Devil Rays showed the Royals that they mean business in the Worst Team Race Thursday night by storming back from a 5-0 whole to take a 10-5 win. Which raises the question: whats worse, allowing 10 runs to the Devil Rays, or being shut down by the Rays for the game's final 7 innings? I'll go with the latter, as the Devil offense has shown signs of life this season, while the pitching staff has been characteristically terrible.

Kyle Snyder, handed an early lead, did nothing but be terrible, allowing endless hits 12, while displaying a singular inability to put hitters away, posting just one strikeout... Albeit against an admittedly hacktastic Rays offense. The good thing is that no one really thinks anything of Kyle Snyder, so I guess it wasn't like this was the bi-weekly Greinke shelling that we've all grown so fond of.

In other, better news, Chip Ambres is now hitting .471, with a nice shiny homer on his stat line. Plus, sitting in the 2-slot, Ambres even drew two walks, which was very encouraging to see.

Once again, Super Joe played first base for some reason, over Matt Stairs, Calvin Pickering, Ken Harvey... Against lefties, Stairs is hitting .207/.314/.414 so maybe I shouldn't complain too much, although Super Joe McEwing isn't slugging .414 anytime soon, and I'm not sure Stairs' platoon split isn't being effected by his never seeing lefties either.

Tomorrow, the Rays go for their 38th victory, which would tie with our Royals. It will be a stupendously exciting game no doubt.