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Game 80 Open Thread- Angels (49-31) at Royals (26-53)

The Angels go for the sweep (doesn't that sound familiar?) tonight against our Royals; as its Jarrod Washburn (4-3, 3.21 ERA) against Zach/k Gre/inke (1-9, 5.92 ERA). For the better part of two years, Greinke has been a lovable underdog, pitching brilliantly while the Royals score 1, maybe 2 runs to support him, as he piles up nominal "losses". This season, he's still losing, but isn't really pitching good either, hence the 5.92 ERA and the miniscule K-rate.

The Royals' crawl towards 30 wins continues, facing another long losing streak just after the last one was snapped. Bell, umm, like, needs, to like, do a fiery speech or something. Finally, Royals Review once again would like to draw your attention to the musings of loyal reader Mr.Weatherstone, and be sure to vote in the poll on the "curse of the K".