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Game 104 Open Thread- Royals (38-65) at Tampa Bay (38-66)

Wow. Its on now. Both teams sit square with 38 precious wins, and after today's game, one team will be the worst in the American League, and one won't. After getting shelled by the Devil Rays twice, the Royals turn to the Once and Future Ace, Zach/k Greinke for a heroic victory, but who knows if its in the cards. Greinke's 2005 struggles, (3-12, 6.05 ERA) have been one of this lost season's most dissprirting occurances, but theres always hope that, at any moment, our hero can rebound. For the Devil Rays, its soft-tossing Doug Waecther (3-6, 5.30 ERA) who has to have one of the strangest names in baseball... at least from a spelling standpoint.

Clearly, this should be one of the best games of the season, and both Florida and most of the Midwest will be tuning into the game as they conduct their Saturday activities.