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Swept Aside in Tampa?

Watching the series flitter away in Tampa, as the Royals' semi-rally in the 8th ends with a bizarre Mike Sweeney Catcher Intereference Ruling... Of course, maybe the larger insanity is the fact that the Devil Rays have so easily beaten up on our boys, despite the Royals playing .450 ball under Buddy. Well, beggars can't be choosers, as typified in the continued play given to Joe McEwing, although he is batting 9th today...

Echoes of Tony LaRussa giving Marlon Anderson the DH spot during the World Series and batting him 9th... If your first-baseman is hitting 9th and you still can't see the problem, then maybe all is hopeless.

Well, theres always the faint possibility of a 4-run 9th to tie the game.