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Game 81 Open Thread- Mariners (34-46) at Royals (26-54)

Well at least the Royals won't have to deal with Bret Boone. Tonight the Royals, reeling from a sweep at the hands of the Angels, look to rebound against the Mariners, a team nearly as pathetic as the they are. Ryan Franklin (3-10, 4.85 ERA), the only other non-Greinke 10-game loser in the AL, faces Texas-ex J.P. (or is it just "J") Howell (1-2, 6.98 ERA) in one of the most anticipated pitching matchups of our lifetime.

I'm 100% certain that the Royals will be able to turn things around in both the short and long terms however, because clearly Buddy Bell has a plan. Just look at what he had to say last night about the continued struggles of Zack Greinke:

``He's such a smart kid. I think sometimes his head gets in the way,'' Royals manager Buddy Bell said. ``Ninety percent of the time he's really good. It's the other 10 percent that he's been getting hurt.''
And who said baseball wasn't anti-intellectual to its very core?

Of course, its only been three days since Buddy pulled a Dusty and cost the team an out by providing an incorrect Lineup Card to the umpire crew... so obviously Buddy's probably not teaching advanced calculus to the team on long flights.

Sigh. Please send Greinke down for a few starts, Allard. Is that really so hard!?!? We're doing damage to his development now, and surely you can see that.