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Game 82 Open Thread- Mariners (35-46) at Royals (26-55)

Perhaps the most damning indictment of the 2005 Royals is the relative distance between them and normal, run of the mill, "bad" teams. The post-Bell-post-bounce era has already featured a deflating series against the Rockies, and now looks to be in jeopardy of doing the same against Seattle.

Tonight, its Gil Meche (8-5, 4.65 ERA) against Royals Ace D.J. Carrasco (3-3, 3.23 ERA) in game two of the series at the K. Lets see if the Royals can score a run, or draw more than 1 walk, or hit a homer. Really, I'll take any of those three at this point.

Despite a .614 OPS, Angel Berroa does lead the team in steals heading into tonight's game. If only he didn't also lead the team in plate appearances...The Yankees have their Womack problem however, so at least we aren't suffering from an undiscovered disease.


The losing continues.

Finally, be sure to catch the final installment of Blez's Midseason Interview with Billy Beane over at Athletics Nation. Really wonderful stuff there. Makes me proud to be part of Sports Blogs.