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Game 81- Mariners 6, Royals 0 (26-55)

And I have no compass

And I have no map

And I have no reasons

No reasons to get back...

-U2, "Zooropa"

Almost getting no-hit by Ryan Franklin? Umm... OK, I guess there will always be a new bottom for this team to fall towards, despite many of us thinking that things simply can't get worse.

Using their exclusive singles-based attack (known in these parts as "The Water Torture Offense") the Royals managed only 6 hits against Ryan Franklin, coupled a measely 1 walk and two double-plays. Johnny, you can make that one run in the last 37 innings (at home, mind you). Ouch. With the post-Bell-Hire-Bounce now almost certainly over, its getting hard to watch this team again. Kansas City certainly agrees, as only 23,562 showed up to watch a July 4th night game, which is just about the easiest recipe for a good crowd that doesn't involve free things or nudity.

J.P. Howell pitched decently, sorta, although it isn't like 6ER in 5IP is a glowing justification of his presence on the team. The ERA is now 7.77, and the weak 2K, 8H effort belies a pitcher who is having a considerable difficulty finishing off major league hitters. I hope that doesn't confuse to many readers, no I'm not talking about approximately 90% of Royals pitchers since 2000, I'm just specifically referring to J.P. Howell... at this moment at least.

But hey!!! Angel Berroa batted 6th again, maybe Buddy or Allard or someone else took note of my July 2nd claim that, "This guy, at best, is a #6 hitter for a bad team, and a 7 or 8 guy in a good lineup," since literally ever since then Berroa's been in the 6th slot and out of 1/2. Amazing.

"You are watching the worst Royals team, record-wise, at this point in franchise history. This is a recording. At the end of this season this roster will self-destruct..."