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Game 83- Royals 5, Mariners 1 (28-55)

Fun time to be a Mariners fan, no? Just when it looked like the Royals might never win another game again, the troops raly for two thrilling victories over the hated M's. The Royals patented Water Torture Offense pounded out 10 singles, and, thanks to Tony Graf', a rare homer/triple combination. And of course, the oft-maligned Angel Berroa rallied for a second straight nice game, going 3-3 with three singles. Empty? yes. Still satifsying? yes, again.

Despite -- stop me if you've heard this before -- a lack of strikeouts, Runelyvs Hernandez turned in his signature performance of the season, scattering 9Hs and 1BB over 6IP for 0ER. (No, that isn't an algebra problem.)

So its all positive energy tonight... even the Scotty Pods All-Star selection feels good, seeing as how it involved something non-happening to the Yankees. Plus, Podzilla is helping my HACKING MASS team immensely, so really, everyone wins.

Two straight wins. Hopefully Sweeney will be OK. I'm not sure if his possible All-Star replacement has to be from the Royals or not. Maybe MacDougal should start packing his bags after all.