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Game 84 Open Thread- Twins (46-36) at Royals (28-55)

Riding high off a two-game winning streak, the Royals and Jose Lima (1-7, 7.58 ERA) face the Kyle Lohse (7-6, 4.26 ERA) led Twins. Lohse, at least for me, is the face of the Twins: slightly above average rotation filler that seems to be their MO, being slightly good across the board.

Despite the occasional protestations of Jayson Stark et. al, players like Jacque Jones, Torriiiii Hunter, Brad Radke and of course Shannon Stewart aren't so much great players as good ones. Past Royal teams might have had more elite players than the Twins, but made up the difference by fielding legitimately terrible players throughout the rest of the lineup.

Ohh well, Kyle Lohse takes his slightly OK-ness to the hill against the terribleness of LimaTime. I think we know how this battle will turn out.