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Game 85 Open Thread- Twins (46-37) at Royals (29-55)

Nice to see a three-game winning streak in our lifetime, especially at home; I'm sure that the Metro area is positively buzzing with talk of the Royals, and I have no doubt that tonight's game will be standing-room-only. No doubt.

On the hill, its a tanatalizing matchup featuring two pitchers of varying disapointment. The Twins send Brad Radke (5-8, 4.07 ERA) to the hill against Zack Greinke (1-10, 6.09 ERA). Wouldn't it be nice if Greinke's season ERA could dip under 6.00? Well, we can dream. One thing is certain, Radke won't be walking anyone tonight, seeing as he's issued only 9 all season, and, since, you know, the Royals don't draw walks.

About last night... First, LimaTime: 6.2IP, 8H, 4K, 2BB and 3ER. Lima kept a decent Twins lineup off balance enough, and had the good fortune of having his mandatory allowed homer be a solo shot. Second, BerroaTime: after weeks of merciless criticism here and elsewhere, Berroa's three game hot-streak continued, with a 4-5 night. Of course, all four hits were singles, so, theres still room for a certain snideness.

Plus, theres the frustration of seeing a good decision (dropping Berroa down in the lineup) justified for the wrong reason. Buddy Bell, unable to think analytically, instead uses Dr. Phi-esque thinking in order to handle the team:

``I probably should have done it sooner,'' Bell said. ``Sometimes a change of scenery does a guy good, whether it's changing in the lineup, getting traded or whatever. Sometimes change is good.''

Terrible. Nothing about his lack of patience, inability to get on-base, mis-fitting of his decent power at the top of the order, etc etc. Too hard to think about sometimes... Back to status quo "In Buddy we trust. Buddy is good, Buddy is our friend, Buddy is our leader..."

Water Torture Offense Update:

Royals' Offense Last Night- 12 singles, 0 doubles, 0 triples, 0 homers and 6 walks.

Our boys stayed true to have the program, managing not a single extra-base hit, but managed to augment the attack with an amazing 6 walks-drawn total... not a typical game patience-wise for KC.