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Game 113- Indians 6, Royals 1 (38-75)

The hits just keep on coming. The Royals replaced the heartberaking method with the more tried and true blase' we-were-never-in-this-game kinda loss. A Grand Slam in the second inning will do that, especially when you feature a non-offense. Hmmm... as a team (cue Pacino in Any Given Sunday) the Royals managed 3 doubles, 4 singles and a walk. Again, we're actually somewhat lucky to have scored a run with that kind of output. I'm amazed that 16,061 people supposedly passed through the gates to watch this team.

Then again, there's the slowly-dying Legend of Zach Greinke to come and see, and no, I didn't double check to see if it was "Zach" or "Zack"... sigh. Thats how bad its gotten.

Greinke went a measly 4.1 IP, allowing 7Hs, 4ER, 4BB and 4Ks: season ERA 6.09. I'm actually mildly heartened by the 4Ks Greinke gathered... insert inane quote from Bell about him pitching away from contact too much. But hey, Buddisimo did get ejected in the 9th inning; gotta show the boys what fightin' and bein' tough is all about. Hurraaa!!!

Come see the worst team in baseball!

Nice to see David have a nice game though (2 doubles). Although Teahen, Buck, Gotay, Murphy and Greinke may not be ready to be major league assets right now, David DeJesus is a legitimate good player, providing enough offense and competent play in centerfield. He's actually having a horrible August, but managed a wonderful .330/.386/.527 line in July. So, while everything else is falling apart, look hopefully to centerfield.