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Game 115 Open Thread- Tigers (53-61) at Royals (38-76)

Looking to end the longest losing streak in franchise history, the Royals turn hopefully to Jose Lima (4-10, 6.84 ERA).

After last night's 4-2 loss, Buddisimo Bell resroted to drastic measures, reportedly having the mandatory "closed door meeting" after the game.

``When they got the four runs, we can't stop playing,'' Bell said. ``We've got to keep playing. The nature of the game is to keep going. I didn't think the focus was there at the end after they got the four runs. That can't happen. I'm kind of running out of answers.''
If Bell doesn't have any answers, then why is he manager? Granted, I don't actually think there are any answers, but for the past week, Bell's comments in the media have been increasingly devoid of content, instead taking a defeatist attitude that looks primarily to divest himself of blame.

Even if their aren't answers Buddy needs to pretend that there are some and start implementing them. Whats the point of your tough-stuff closed door meeting when you turn around and spill drivel to the press...?

Raaa, the nature of the game is to keep going. Keep trying, etc etc. Thank you Buddy. One of Glass's greeters at Wal-Mart could have said that.