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Game 122- Royals 5, A's 4(40-82)

As Al Pacino said at the beginning of his epic "Peace with Inches" speech at the end of Any Given Sunday, "I don't know what to say really."

If anything, the last 72 hours or so has taught us once again about the randomness of this game at the micro level. This might be seen as heresy, but three games in Oakland, with a decrepit Royals team winning 2 of 3 does more to backup Billy Beane's famous stance that the post-season's short series method of selecting a champion is largely random, the key is getting there.

The Royals fielded an absolutely horrible lineup tonight, and ended up scoring 5 runs from the 8th inning on. Incredible... absolutely incredible. I'm at a rest stop on highway 80 in Iowa that offers wi-fi, so I can't get into much detail tonight... but yea... our boys taking the series after all.

Consider this Jimmy Gobble's finest hour as a Royal, other than perhaps one of his better starts back in early 2004, when he almost single-handedly helped the Royals flirt with .500 for the seasons first two-weeks. (Yes, this is an incredibly lame accomplishment.) Turkeyman allowed no hits in 3 innings -- which I believe is technically considered a miracle in the eyes of the Church-- it isn't shocking that he only managed one K, but it does add to the bizzaro quality of his effectiveness.

This was a payback call kinda game from fate today my friends... Hope the ling as hell journey to KCI for the Boston series is fun. Giving evil Curt Schilling another three cheap three-run saves will suck though.

Does anyone else think Runelyvs Hernandez is a strange looking major league pitcher?