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Game 123 Open Thread- Red Sox (71-51) at Royals (40-82)

Self-Importance Nation invades Kansas City tonight, as the Royals take on the Red Sox at the K. Since when did everything become a "nation"? In today's Chicago Tribune there's a piece on Ron Zook which features him using the phrase "Illini Nation" at least four times. "Illini Nation"? enough already.

The Red Sox send Jumbo Wells (9-6, 4.70 ERA) to the hill against the scattered remains of Zach Greinke (3-14, 6.02 ERA) in what promises to be a wonderful pitching duel. In many ways David Wells is like the best-case scenario for the Royals pitching staff: he doesn't strike many guys out, but he walks absolutely no-one. Thus, if he can avoid the big homer or double, and has a decent defense behind him, its not a bad setup.

I fully expect the Royals to triumph tonight. It is clear that Bell has turned this team around.