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Game 124 Open Thread- Red Sox (72-51) at Royals (40-83)

Knowing just what a losing streak feels like, our Royals look to rebound tonight against the hated Red Sox at the K. D.J. Carrasco (5-7, 4.89 ERA) looks to end his second half-struggles (1-4, 8.13 ERA) against the formidable Matt Clement (11-3, 4.38 ERA) and the equally formidable Sox lineup.

Regarding last night, sure it was a loss, but it wasn't a completely crushing loss. The Royals were certainly overmatched, and it almost certainly never seemed like they might win, but Greinke pitched decently enough, given the lower standards he's now under, and the offense did manage to score twice late in the game, which surely counts for something.

The Water Torture Offense was in full force, even mixing in four walks to go with the seven singles and lone double... How depressing is it when I want to complain about T-Long hitting second, but then after I consider the other options, I'm left thinking its vaguely acceptable.