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Game 124- Royals 4, Red Sox 3 (41-83)

Just an incredible, improbable victory. David DeJesus returned to the lineup and produced, perhaps if we include context, the greatest game of his life: 3-4 with a double and homer, and 2 walks and the game-winning run. As we mentioned last week, sometime around Greinke's third month of disintegration DeJesus officially became the team's bright spot. That spot shone tonight.

Maybe even more incredibly, the Royals bullpen shut down the Red Sox for 5.1 innings, as the -- stop if you've heard this before -- Burgos, Affeldt, MacDougal, Sisco combo was magnificent, combining to allow 0Rs, 2BBs and 5Hs against the American League's best lineup. As they did in July (the month when we were nearly .500) the top-shelf of the Royals' bullpen has displayed surprisingly visible signs of near dominance in the last few days; and though its surely bad luck to mention this out loud, check the ERAs of Sisco, Affeldt and Mac sometime. Un-be-lievable.

Well, the wins are almost piling up now aren't they? Since the streak reached 19 losses, the Royals are 3-1... which should tell you the value of a) small sample baseball and b) motivated end-points. Still, its nice to be relevant for once, especially against the evil Empire 2.0, the Red Sox. Now all I need is another story about Curt Schilling's opinion on something... Ohhh wait, here it is: "Schilling says Palmiero has no credibility". Done and done.