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Game 126- Yankees 5, Royals 1 (42-84)

42-84 has a nice, terrible ring to it, does it not? Since about game 10 of the losing streak, I've been continually amazed by the size of the Royals' loss number; even after they win its still jarring to look at the standings and see "79" or "81" or what have you... This is all just to say, its alot of losses.

Regarding tonight's breezy, nearly anti-climactic loss, your's truly is done issuing fire-breathing jeremiads denouncing this team. For goodness sakes, Joe McEwing has played in 25 games since the All-Star Break and has a .212/.255/.327 line, making him possibly the worst regular-time player on a major league roster. And yet, he's probably preferable to the other internal options, although I don't see what harm could be done with playing Cal Pickering at 2nd at this point... Why be conventionally unwatchable when you can at least be creative?

Lost in the shuffle, perhaps, is another nice night from the pitching staff, the dishonour of giving up two homers to the 55 year old Bernie Williams notwithstanding. Continuing a long tradition the Royals seemed committed to under-utilizing Mike Wood all season, sticking him in middle relief for half a season so that we could be treated to regular appearances by LimaTime, Runelyvs and the scatter remains of Zach/k Greinke's promise. Throughout his Royals' career Mike Wood has shown the ability to be a replacement level starter who won't destroy the team's chance to win. In fact, he's basically Jon Garland without the half-decade of hype. Tonight was no different; yea, Wood took the loss, but 3ER at Yankee Stadium over 6.0 IP is actceptable every damn time.

Mike Wood, you might be as obscure and unknown as a professional athlete can be, but Royals Review salutes you.

Of course, theres the matter of Buddy Bell's continued run of robotic, uninspired managerial choices. "Well, we aren't winning, you I won't take the chance of bringing in one of my 4 automatic pitchers in this situation, better turn to Jonah Bayliss... he'll probably give up a few runs, but hey, its the 7th, and we're already losing by 2 runs..."


Yelling into the void... And here I said I wasn't going to get worked up...

My late-90's clearly photo-shopped-in hat tells it all: I'm slow. I use Burgos, Sisco, Affeldt and MacDougal ONLY WITH A LEAD. Get used to it, I don't believe in coming from behind. Yes, I do go by "Buddy".