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Game 129- Twins 3, Royals 1 (42-87)

Don't look now, but our beloved Royals have now lost 4 games in a row, which means we're only about two weeks away from being the center of the baseball universe again! The Royals endured a complete offensive collapse tonight, although no one should be surprised after glancing at the lineup:










Let that sink in.

Ouch. Remind anyone of Pena's dreadful Sunday lineups? Nothing like taking a below-average lineup, then subtracting the best three hitters from it (Sweeney, DeJesus, Stairs). Hell, Joe Randa would be hitting cleanup for this team, while only a few years ago he was just a contributing player to a fairly good attack.

So yea, those guys managed 4 singles, a double and 3 walks. Too bad its not 1985 with Sabes on the mound...

And of course, the ineptitude wastes a great bounce-back start by D.J. Carrasco who kept the ball down and got 9 ground-outs and allowed only 4 singles and couple doubles. Further, Sisco+Burgos+MacDougal was magnificent (1H, 1BB, 4Ks in 4IP) in the losing effort. To be fair, credit should be given to Buddisimo for sticking with his A-reliver team in a tie-game... I expected to see Gobble or Camp at some point around the 7th...

Then again, we did go ahead an concede the game in the 10th by bringing in Camp, who I legitimately root for as a fan, but who has struggled like hell in '05.

87 losses guys. 87 losses.