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Game 130- Twins 7, Royals 4 (42-88)

Frankly, I'm shocked at the amount of offense we managed: two homers, two doubles, seven singles and a walk. For a moment there it even looked like the Royals might mount a heroic comeback against Nathan in the 9th, only to see Guiel, Hocking and T-Long all go down.

Technically LimaTime allowed 6 earned runs, but he didn't get any help from Gobble in the top of the 6th either, as it easily could have been a more respectable 4 earned allowed outing. Of course, after Gobble sealed the fate of the team, he settled down and put a couple good innings in, even managing 3 strikeouts, albeit against a hacktastic Twins team.

The team badly needs to get DeJesus and Sweeney back... its absolutely ridiculous that Bell's batting Hocking 2nd and T-Long 3rd. What? Is this an Independent League team?

Finally, 13,819 people paid to watch this game. I didn't know the players had that many collective family members.