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Game 108- Royals (38-69) at Red Sox (61-45)

Looking to stop a five-game losing streak, the listless Royals turn to D.J. Carrasco (5-5, 4.37 ERA) this afternoon against Matt Clement (10-3, 4.43 ERA) and the media-darling Boston Red Sox. Carrasco's coming off of a tough July, and has seen too many ground-balls turn into hits in the last few starts. Who knows what we'll get from Clement today, who's been a consistently good, rarely dominant, pitcher for the last three years, and is coming off of a much discussed line-drive to the head. Frankly, I don't know who's more super-human, Clement, or Curt "The Greatest American Hero" Schilling.

Last night, the Royals treated us to another loss, although we we're treated to a nice game from Mike Sweeney (HR) and Emil (HR, Triple). Plus, Angel Berroa turned in a God-awful performance, mixing in two errors with a 1-4 night. This is a building block?

The weird thing is, with each passing day the Red Sox lineup looks more and more human, and when you take out E-Rent and Man-Ram with one play, its almost like your playing an AL Central style lineup.

Finally, of course Snyder was horrible (9.24 ERA) and Camp went ahead and allowed two more runs to keep the game boring... Sigh. I'm sad that we scored enough runs to give Schill another cheap 3-run save...

Ask any member of the media, I'm tough, gritty, a gamer and the "heart and soul" of the Sawks. See my pretty "C" and my tough-guy facial hair? I could probably be a closer I'm so full of moxie and manliness.