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Absolute Zero: Game 111- A's 11, Royals 0 (38-73)

Its not often that a 4-game sweep in Tampa actually gets eclisped in terms of one's most humiliating moments. In the last two games, the Royals have been out-scored 27-1, at home, to a team facing just as many payroll-related obstacles as usually lamented by the team's apologists. It was, in short, a horrible series, capped with a rousing 11-0 ass-kicking before 15,228 bored patrons at the K. The Royals fell down by scores of 4-0, 7-0, and 8-0 to begin the game, as events quickly dictated a blase' and extremely hot afternoon of meaningless baseball.

True to form, the team never even mounted a rally, sparing us of even the meaningless late-inning run that yesterday's loss provided. Probably better that way, I guess... no reason to waste anyone's precious time. Then again, scoring would require some form of offense, and despite what Joe Morgan and his ilk regularly intone, no form of endless ground-balls to second base and strikeouts can ever add up to a single run. For their trouble, the Royals managed 7 singles and a double against the A's, as well as a sadly heartening total of 2 walks. Lest I mention it later, the game also featured a sparkling lack of caught stealings or pickoffs, although the 3 GIDPs worked towards the same end.

The infamy continues as red-hot Cleveland comes to town, with the Royals turning only to the next round of hyped/hopeless callups, and a falsely vaunted young pitching staff featuring guys with ERAs over 6.00 and those who can't get out of the second inning. Yes, I'm looking at you Elvys.

It's been a bad Run.

Sing it Bono...

And I have no compass

And I have no map

And I have no reasons

No reasons to get back...