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Game 132 Open Thread- Rangers (64-69) at Royals (43-88)

You wanna know how bad the Royals are? Compare them to a generic non-good team like the Rangers for a second, then reflect. Nothing like being 19 losses behind an utterly bland team like Texas.

Tonight we're treated to a Kenny Rogers appearance in Kansas City. Its interesting to think about the relative lack of outrage concerning Rogers, especially compared to, say, Terrell Owens or Raffy Palmeiro. Rogers tried to physically harm people that were a) defenseless and b) smaller than him. This was followed by Rogers displaying a marked lack of concern for his actions, mixed with outright befuddlement at the idea that he did something wrong. Honestly, the more I think about it the madder I get. But it doesn't fit the sports-talk radio paradigm unless its about a) steroids or b) being "greedy" or selfish.

Selfish is great compared to being a mean, dangerous sociopathic jerk.

Go Royals.