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Game 141- Tigers 14, Royals 4 (46-95)

Well, this is what life has become; a disspiriting 10-run loss to an already dead Tiger team. But, hey, our boys did manage 13 singles.

Of course, those 13 singles were augmented with an amazing 0 doubles, 0 triples, 0 homers and 1 walk. Well, we don't call it the Water Torture Offense for nothing.

Sigh, its getting harder to watch this team now that football season has started, although theres some interest in the extent of the catastrophe. Hmm, I wonder if the Royals will hit 50 wins?

Thanks to his awful effort today, LimaTime's now the proud owner of a devilish 6.66 ERA despite pitching half his games in the homer-averse confines of Kauffman Stadium.

At least with Lima no one's being fooled, and other than his immediate family, no one really cares. If you're going to be terrible, you might as well also be a aging temp player who won't even be in baseball the next time the Royals post a winning record... Yes, I'm looking at you again Denny Hocking, Terrence Long, Jose Lima and Joe McEwing.