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Game 143 Open Thread- White Sox (88-55) at Royals (46-96)

Considering that 46-56 is a pretty disheartening record, what is the proper reaction to a 46-96 line? While being a 100-loss team is the industry standard for being beyond the pale, the Royals are in real danger of hitting 100 losses with three or four more serieses left to play.

You do realize that a 110 loss team that improves by 25 games the next season is still a not very good team don't you?

Tonight its J "Don't call me J.P." Howell (2-5, 6.63 ERA) against Freddy Garcia (12-8, 3.75 ERA) of the Sox. Hey, with numbers like that, Howell looks about as good as Greinke, and just imagine how we would have done with him in the rotation all season long!


Ohh, no different at all.

Last night was a tease, combining hopelessness and defeatism in the outcome, with occasional moments when we thought we might play spoiler. When the Sox raise their banner from 2005 in what promises to be an over-the-top, arrogant and annoying affair, complete with a moving dedication to the .700 OPS of Podzilla, they should have the Royals along for the ceremony. 'Cause clearly, they couldn't have done it without us.